Compare the advanced features of QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise with other QuickBooks products.

QuickBooks Desktop EnterpriseQuickBooks Desktop PremierQuickBooks Desktop ProQuickBooks Online Plus
Pricing1From $1100/yr.From $499.95From $299.95$50/month
Maximum number of simultaneous users.2Available in 1-10
or 30 users
Up to 5Up to 3Up to 5
Save time tracking all your financial transactions
Track sales, sales taxes, and customer payments.YesYesYesYes
Accept credit card payments right in QuickBooks.3Preferred Rates
Access to product experts, unlimited technical support, and upgrades.4U.S.-Based
Additional costAdditional costYes
Online backup and protection of your QuickBooks data.5YesYes
Anywhere, anytime, on any device access.6Available with QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise with Hosting subscriptions7Yes
Invoice multiple customers at once with Batch Invoicing.YesYesYesYes
Set individual user permissions to control access to sensitive information.Up to 115 different activitiesYesYesYes
Create customized financial reports with Intuit Statement Writer.8YesAccountant Edition only
Track fixed assets such as computers and other office equipment with Fixed Asset Manager.YesAccountant Edition onlyYes
Work in two company files at the same time.9Yes
Expanded list limits allows you to track 100,000+ customers, vendors and inventory items and employees.10100,000+
Leverage 14 predefined user roles to help you set up new users quickly.Yes
Complete more activities in multi-user mode.YesYes
Get the insights to make better decisions
One-click financial, sales & tax reports.150+
Industry Specific
Industry Specific
Import data from Excel, Quicken, Microsoft Office Accounting & prior QuickBooks versions.11YesYesYesExcel &
Download or import your bank & credit transactions into QuickBooks.12YesYesYesYes
Get a consolidated view into your business with Company Snapshot.YesYesYesYes
Industry-specific reports, sample files, menus & chart of accounts.YesYesYesLimited
See all your key customer information at a glance with the Customer Snapshot.YesYesYesYes
Track international sales & expenses in multiple currencies.YesYesYesYes
Forecast sales & expenses. Easily create a business plan.YesYes
Access all of your QuickBooks data to create any report you need with Advanced Reporting.13Yes
Consolidate reports from multiple company files.14Yes
Create custom reports with ODBC-compliant applications using a direct connection to the QuickBooks database.15Yes
Efficiently manage inventory and pricing
Track & manage inventory & create purchase orders.YesYesYesYes
Set and manage inventory reorder points.YesYesYes
Easily find and locate inventory tasks all in one place with the Inventory Center.Attach Inventory ImagesYesYes
New! Reduce paperwork and data entry errors by sending sales orders to mobile inventory scanners.16Yes
New! Fulfill sales orders faster with a new picking process. Create customized pick-lists to be completed by warehouse workers across multiple locations.17Yes
Improved! Sales Order Management helps empowers employees to fulfill orders faster, and lets you check on sales order status in real time.17Yes
Get the right information for your business with customized inventory reports.YesYes
Manage inventory using bin location tracking, bar code scanning, serial number or lot tracking, FIFO costing and multiple location inventory.17Yes
Control, customize and automate your pricing right inside QuickBooks.18Yes
Priority Circle19 (Priority Care20, Product Training)YesAdditional eligibility requirementsAdditional eligibility requirements
Customer Success ManagerYes